WordPress Posts And Pages Creator

WP Content Poster has been developed to speed up the work with WordpPress based websites. The software allows to create multiple posts and pages based on a template with a click of a button. Everyone who works with WordPress knows it takes substantial amount of time to create multiple pages related to multiple keywords – for instance creation of Local SEO business website with multiple locations and keywords takes lots of time to create, each page has to be created separately, keywords have to be checked for proper placing, each page requires different image, those images need proper alt tags to be set and so on.

With WP Content Poster you can create quality, seo optimised posts and pages. By saying quality it is understandable that page has following attributes:

  • Unique text which is 350+ words long
  • SEO optimised title
  • Keywords placed properly in the article with proper density
  • Images in the article containing keyword rich ALT tags
  • Proper interlinking of internal pages for better indexation and navigation
  • Proper HTML tag like Title and Meta description containing unique and keyword rich content

WP Content Poster allows creation of posts and pages with all of above factors.

All you need to do is to create properly optimised single page, paste the html from the page into WP Content Poster, edit necessary paragraphs and thats it.

If you want search engines to index your website and all created subpages on highest possible positions, it’s a necessity to have every subpage SEO optimised as properly as possible.

Example scenario:

Your client’s business operates in 12 locations and it’s necessary to create separate subpages for 14 keywords – we know it will take to create 12*14 = 168 subpages in total. Now think about creating 168 subpages by hand, applying different keywords and locations, HTML tags, images, ALT tags to each page by hand, it’s kind of tedious work, isn’t it ? Creation of such website would probably take a whole day or even more, plus it wouldn’t be certain if all the pages are created properly, due to human nature – simply by making mistakes.

With WP Content Poster you can create this kind of website with all 168 pages in just 15 minutes, automatically, delivering 100% SEO optimisation to all of your pages by replicating single template which creation takes less than couple minutes.

Take a look at the video to see how the software operates by creating highly optimised SEO pages for the example project targeting the Furniture restoration niche in various locations.



  • Multithreaded – Simultaneusly create as many posts  or pages  based on your template as you like. Depending on how powerful your workstation is you can delegate WP Content Poster to create content on your wordpress installation with the speed of your choice by fine tuning amount of simultaneus tasks execution.
  • Images Manager – Conviniently import keyword related images to your project by using PixaBay API Service – PixaBay is amazing image resource for both commercial and noncommercial usage or if you like, you can import your own images stored on your drive.
  • Keyword Manager – Easily mix sets of keywords of your choice in few clicks.
  • Locations Manager – Get access to locations from all over the world with OpenStreetMap maps, by specifying current location, radius and extraction type.
  • Full spintax support – Create unique content for search engines to make sure everything get’s indexed properly.
  • Unlimited domains support – WP Content Poster does not limit you in terms of supported domains. Each license allows you to create as many projects as you like. You can select between projects, duplicate, rename, delete or add new projects.
  • Multiple Macros support – Interlink Posts/Pages the way you want. Insert lines from external file matching your locations or keywords the way you like.
  • Image Upload with ALT tag Support – Get your Post/Page optimised to the fullest extent with Image upload feature with ALT tag macro filling.
  • Yoast SEO Plugin Support – Get all your posts/pages setup properly for best SEO experience and get the “Green Light” in the eyes of search engines.
  • Locations Manager

Conviniently find, use and sort locations related to your project from OpenStreetMap maps. WP Content Poster comes with pre built, optimised geolocation files for all continents. Simply load country or region file, navigate to your prefered area with built in browser, choose radius (in kilometers) and hit the “Extract locations” button.


  • Keywords Manager

Effectively manage keyword sets with Keywords Manager. Mix Keywords to get all the possible variations for your project, change the way keywords look by applying proper case format. Working with different types of keywords and generating all the variations takes less than few minutes to get all done properly.


  • Images Manager

Import images to your projects from PixaBay – an amazing resource of free images usable both for free and commercial usage on websites. Type in the desired keyword, amount of keywords to be downloaded, hit the download button and select from various, high quality images offered by Pixabay or simply import your own images related to the project from folder by dragging and dropping them to the Images Manager.


Refund Policy

Customer sarisfaction is what we strive for. If the software does not fulfill your needs or expecattions, the order can be refunded within 14 days from the order date.

What are system requirements for WP Content Poster to work properly ?

WP Content Poster has been tested on Windows 7/8.1/10 and requires .Net Framework 4.7.2 or higher to work properly. It is recommended for the software to work with at least 2 CPU Cores and 2 GB RAM.