Multithreaded outgoing links extractor

Try now free of charge DEMO version of SEO List Builder and test the software first. Demo version is limited to 5 threads.


SEO List Builder – Explanataion how the software works

SEO List Builder is an advanced webcrawler which allows collecting  domains specified by search and navigation patterns. The software navigates through initially loaded list of urls, finds outgoing links matching the navigation patterns and collects domains  which match specific, fully customisable search rules. In the next step the software builds next level of urls to process and the process continues as long as navigation and search rules are matched. The software is designed to ease the work both for those who start their SEO journey and those who already have experience in that field.



  • Multithreaded
  • Filtering the visited resources either by domain or url.
  • Filtering the succesfully found resources either by domain or url.
  • Parsing through all the content on the web pages or with use of “a href= ” attribute only.
  • Setting the maximum allowed navigations per single domain to search for links.
  • Setting the maximum allowed time for the software to spend crawling each domain.
  • Clearing the visits filter after exceeding specific amount of entries visited (to release RAM usage).
  • Stop crawling after specific % of RAM memory is exceeded.
  • Realtime preview showing you where specific link types have been found.
  • Logs preview in realtime.
  • Ability to resume the work from previous state after closing/restarting the software.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the system requirements for the software to work properly ?

SEO List Builder has been tested on Windows 7/8.1/10/2008 Server/2012 Server and requires .Net Framework 4.7.2 or higher to work properly.

How frequently can I change PC/Server (workstation) where SEO List Builder is installed ?
You can change the workstation as frequently as needded. The only requirement is to run the software with 1 instance per 1 license key at the given time.
What is the Refund Policy ?

We strive to dliver the best user experience and satisfaction, therefore 14 days money back guarantee is provided if the software does not fulfill the needs or expectations.